French Language and Adriana Cabanas Mrs. Essay

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Adriana Cabanas
Mrs. Tsybizova
English 101-01
The Biosketch
21 January 2013
Interesting Ahmed In this essay I will be telling you about my classmate, his name is Ahmed Barro who was born in May 25 of 1992. Actually he is from Burkina-Faso from Africa living there his first 7 years of childhood, but he lived in a lot of different places, first of all he went to Togo, he stayed there for one year, then to Ghana for three years, after Ghana he went to Nigeria for four years then guinea Bissau for one year, Senagose for one year, two years here in the United States and the last country Camerún for two years. I asked him which country he liked to live the most, he hesitates for seconds and said Nigeria. Ahmed has two brothers and one sister; his sister which name is Aissa came with him to Pittsburg for studying too. After talking with him I thought about what his native language was, and he said that actually he can speak three languages perfectly; the first language is his father’s one Djula, his mother language Moree and the best one he can speak is French. Asked him if he has any child and he told me he has a baby girl of 4 month, I also asked him what he like about people, he said he like happy people, nice people, social people he don’t like unsocial people or those who are fake. I was wondering about what entertaining stuff he likes and his favorite TV shows is heroes, about movies he said Fast & Furious, Norbit, and Matrix, I also agree with him about the Fast & Furious movie, he seems to like sports too his favorite basketball team is Miami Heat and in the Area of soccer is Arsenal .
One of the things I notice about him was he love music, because he is always with…