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The boot shaped country known as Italy is made up of twenty regions. One of these regions happens to be Abruzzo/Abruzzi.
Abruzzi has a surface of 4,168 square miles, has a population of 1.3 million people and is on the east coast of the Italian peninsula. Abruzzi is on a mainly mountainous, wild land, considering that that takes up two-thirds of the region. There is four provinces that are in this region; L'Aquila, which is the capital of the region, Teramo, Chieto, and Pescara. Some of the mountains/mountain chains included in this region consist of: Gran Sasso, Monte Sirente,
Montagne del Morrone, Montagna dei Fiori, and Monte Velino, which is located in L'Aquila.
Abruzzi has two major rivers, the Aterno-Pescara which is the region's principal river, with the length of 145 km., and the Sangro, with the length of 117 km. Rivers and mountains are not the only thing that make up this region though, there is also quite a few lakes. Bomba, Sant'Angelo,
Barry, Largo di San Domenico, Campotosto, Pio, Scanno, and Talucchi are the lakes that make up Abruzzi. Being that Abruzzi is on the east coast, not only is it bordered by Marche, Latium and Molise, it is also bordered by the Adriatic sea. Because of this, there is quite a few popular beach resorts in Abruzzi, including Vasto, Silvi Marina, Alba Adriatica, and Martinsicuro.
The whole landscape of Abruzzi is a mosaic of over one thousand castles. Ruins of Roman towns are everywhere, as well as monasteries, Romanesque churches, and solitary hermitages up in the mountains. Some of these mysterious landmarks are Forte Spagnolo, which is a

Renaissance castle in L'Aquila, Fountain of 99 spouts, Santa Maria di Collemaggio, which is a large medieval church, a mountain top fortress known as Rocca Calascio, and Castello
Giada Colagrande and Floria Sigsmond are both famous people who came from the Abruzzo region, both born in Pescara. Giada was born in 1975 and was known for making/writing films and documentaries, and often starred in her own work. She studied in not only Italy, but also Switzerland and Australia. Some of her work that she is best known for is "The Woman
Dress,""Before It Had a Name," and "Open My Heart." Floria is a photographer and director that was born in 1965. She has directed many music videos for famous people, one being Marilyn
Manson. She was the director of a very well known movie called "The Runaways." Not only did she direct it, but she also wrote the screenplay.
In Abruzzo, there is many different dialects, which include: Sabine, which is common is
L’Aquila; Abruzzo Adriatic, which is common in Teramo, Pescara, and Chieti; and Abruzzo
Western which is also common in L’Aquila. To go with these different dialects, there is multiple accents, such as Teramano, Abruzzese orientale adriatico, and Abruzzese occidentale.
There is multiple dishes that the people of Abruzzo enjoy, the most famous/popular dish is known as maccheroni alla chitarra, which is created by pressing pasta through an instrument called chitara, creating long, thin, spaghetti like noodles. It’s usually served with tomato based sauce, flavored with peppers, pork, goose, or lamb. A common side dish served with this cuisine is bean and noodle soup. This soup is traditionally flavored with tomatoes, garlic, oil, and pepperoncini. Other popular foods are: pastuccia, a polenta stew with sausage, eggs, and cheese; and easter pizza, a rustic cake with cheese and pepper. Lamb is also a popular dish in Abruzzo.
Some lamb dishes are: arrosticini, a skewered lamb…