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French 3 When you think of the country of Madagascar, what exactly do you think of? Many people think of dancing animals such as lemurs, giraffes, hippos, and even penguins! Well, to disappoint, most of what you know about Madagascar is false. Madagascar is actually quite an interesting country and island. Many people go to Madagascar to enjoy the warm climate, while others go to see the beautiful array of animals. Whatever the reason, you’re assured a good time while in Madagascar.
The country of Madagascar is an island that is located off of the South East coast of Africa. This makes the country very warm and dry towards the south and warm and moist towards the north. The country of Madagascar has such a unique environment that it is home to various birds that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the rest of the world. The climate is suiting for these birds due to the nice tropical weather through most of the year. The location of Madagascar also makes it abundant in the resources it has to offer. Some of those exports include coal, quartz, chromite, and most important of all coffee! This creates quite a few jobs in the country of Madagascar. Although all of these exports create jobs, there just aren’t enough to keep the economy thriving. Many people don’t make much of a living in Madagascar, while the average salary is a small two dollars a day! Madagascar is a country of great diversity. In the country of Madagascar there are three official languages. These three languages are French, Malagasy, and most recently English. In the recent establishing of a school system among the people of Madagascar, the big debate was over which language should be taught in. After much debate and consideration they had decided on Malagasy as the language to be taught in Madagascar. The establishment of a school system is unlike anything here in the U.S. or most civilized countries. The setting up of schools began in the year of 2002 and continued to be considered and put into action until 2009. The schools across the island were set up in various ways. Many buildings were constructed while a lot of schools were also set up in previously closed business buildings. The hardest part in establishing this school system, other than…