French: New York City and Ingrid Quevedo French Essay

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Ingrid Quevedo
French 115
Proffeseur Bermont
20 November 2013

Taste of France On September 29, 2013 I experienced the desserts, fashion, music, and culture of France. This festival took place on Bryant Park, New York. Known for being one of the largest events dedicated to France, where it has often been a huge success on impressing the people of New York City, being able to experience the customs of France.
My acquaintance, Trevor Williams, was very astonished with the music, the desserts especially such as the Macaroons, and a special brownie. Before we were able to buy desserts, we had pay in order to get French money, which was used to buy all the food around the booths. As we walked passed the booths, we noticed the macaroon, which is a light cookie made with egg, sugar and coconut grounds. The macaroons come in different types of flavors such as the Mint, Strawberry, Chocolate Delight, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, etc. Both, Trevor and I, enjoyed these deliciously French-made macaroons. It was also our first time to ever try them and I am honestly glad I gave them my first try there at that festival. Next booth we stopped by was when we saw small delicious brownies; they had chocolate coating, brown powder on top of the coating and walnuts. The brownie was amazing, very moist and soft, except the powder was very dry which would sometimes bother me but I just blew it off and ate it. It was honestly one of the best experiences, especially since I have…