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School Dress Codes In the past 5-10 years, school boards have been debating on whether or not they should incorporate a stronger and more reinforced dress code in some school counties. Some schools in particular do not want to get involved with the idea of giving their students uniforms or they might not simply want to change the rules for dress code at their schools because they seem fine to them. On one part, I agree with them and understand their reasons why they would or wouldn’t, but on the other hand, have they ever thought about asking students, parents, or teachers their opinion on the idea? Young adults should have a school dress code in schools. Young teenagers should not have a school dress code because what ever happened to freedom of expression? Each and every individual student has their own style and ways of dressing each morning. One thing is for sure though; they shouldn’t take advantage of the ‘no dress code at school’ either. There is a way to look fashionable in their personal likes of clothing and yet still be appropriate for school. Young teenagers nowadays, think that they can express themselves in a way that to them is so called “appropriate” when in reality, they are NOT expressing themselves, but EXPOSING themselves. Should they not be embarrassed to walk out their front door, looking like fools who don’t know how to dress themselves appropriately? Were they not raised by parents who educated them well enough to know that what they sometimes wear is not the appropriate attire? If you all think about it thoroughly, I bet that no one would like to walk around a school full of half-dressed girls and “sagging” pants on boys that are at mid-thigh. This so called “style” or “trends” are getting out of hand. We do not mean to take away all of their privileges to choose what we all wear, but to reinforce it a bit. They do not want a school uniform. They do not want to wear the same clothes each and every day of the school year. They do not want to look as if they were some Barbie doll who was replicated over and over again.