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Thematic Essay - The French Revolution
There are a numerous causes for a collapse in government. The end of Louis XVI’s government in France was brought by a political revolution. The French Revolution was the basis of significant change in France. Many historical circumstances led up to the French Revolution. Enlightenment Era philosophers such as Locke and Baron De Montesquieu helped facilitate the spread of ideas that people have natural rights and that traditional authority can be challenged. The French were also inspired by the American Revolution. The American colonists were the first people to effectively incorporate Enlightenment-infused ideas. The differences between the three social classes also played a role in the start of the revolution. The third estate was unprivileged and was considered inferior. They had less land, no hunting rights and unjust representation in stark contrast to the prosperous upper class. There was also a serious economic crisis in France. Due to the reckless spending of its kings, the French treasury was nearly bankrupt. This resulted in an increase in tax on the middle class which they could not afford. Furthermore, a shortage of bread resulted in inflation in price. The city workers began to starve. While each factor alone may not have lead to a revolution, together they created a momentum for change. Although accomplished in a barbaric manner, the French Revolution brought about major changes to France. Most notably, the