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May, 5 2014
The French Revolution
The main reason The French Revolution started was because of their political issues. First of all, there political issues were because of the unfairness of the power and rights with all the different classes. The main classes were The First Estate, The Second Estate, and The Third Estate. Most believed that the power and rights were not given, but they had to be born with any power or rights. Secondly, the rights could be bought at an expense, but it was harder for the lower class to afford these rights. If any class were not born with any power or rights, they would have to buy these rights. Thirdly, a political decision was made by King Lou XVI without any of the French's community input. These political decisions lead to a political issues, which also led the poor to rebel against the King. In conclusion the political issue was a big part of The French Revolution and it was caused because lower class were treated differently or unequal. ("The Political Crisis.")
The result of The French Revolution caused a new political government. An another result was that there was now equality for all of the classes. Banks in France started to expand a much easier tax system. First, the result of the French Revolution led for a new leader because King Lou XVI was executed because of his poor leadership. After King Lou XVI was executed, a new leader came in,