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What were the causes of The French Revolution?
Before the Revolution, France was a very poor country. Written by Arthur Young, who travelled to France in 1787. Before the Revolution had happened, many people had complained at the vital time. Many people especially men had worked as Labourers. So what did this lead too? There were many Causes that the French revolution had occurred. Political, Social, Intellectual and Economic are the main reasons, on why this had happened.
Since the voice of the people in the public, have been heard, and the Political party has come together, calling the Estates general. Economic resources such as increasing poverty and hunger, along with the Intellectual side such as the American war of Independence. But why were these causes made people changing their mind about their country?
First reason, which came into this, is the Intellectual. Intellectual causes were one of the main causes considering it went global including the Americans and the Britain to come forward to France. These causes were quite crucial. During 1776, the American got their Independence from Britain. This led to having a war with the traditional enemies with the help of Britain, fighting with battle ships and Troops. This put the Troops of and came back to America, as the American Independence had said that everyone is equal and they have their sudden rights and should not be taken away and the Governments actions should take over people. After, French were ruled over by a powerful monarch. Many people from the society had thoughts France should be ruled by a Government chosen by the people of France.
Second reason which was very popular is the Economic and Social changes throughout the war. In the eighteenth century many people were finding it difficult to pay taxes and the general basics of their life especially Peasants. During the idle class, many people had the choice to pay Tax or not. It didn’t really matter if they did. Many people such as business women and men, they were becoming incredibly rich and wanted to have their say across the government giving their point and interest. So they all decided to get people in their campaign to help and express this resentment, they would tell people, give out newspaper and articles and write about their stories around the Town in France.
The Population in France had increased which had meant the Living expenses and the wages had risen. The cost of living had risen up to 45% over the Years along with the Wages which rose up to 22%. During 1715 more than 19 million people were living in France. As the France became quite popular at this time, in 1789 the population had rose up to 26 million, this had meant that the French environment were crucially busy and overcrowding the nature of the environment.
The Final Reason is Political. Political shows many sides and shows the impact of the case. There were many parts of Political were involved such as the Burden of taxes. Many general people had many miserable lives being a labourer or in a poor estate still, they were charged to pay at least 80% of the Taxes given to them. The higher society like King Louis and the Royal Family didn’t have to pay the various taxes. Many other