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The French Revolution: Causes and Effects
The French Revolution is considered one of the most important historical events in the world, but it’s considered to be even more than that in France. During the time of the revolution, France was the strongest and wealthiest nations in Europe. It led to many changes throughout France including the removal of authority of the monarchy, new meanings, and new political ideas. It went on for a ten year period between the years 1789 and 1799. There were many reasons as to why the revolution began, but the differences in the views of reformation among the people led may be considered the primary cause. The other causes are: people becoming angry at King Louis XIV and pushed for a new government, differences between the three main social classes, the rise of new enlightenment ideas (partially from the American Revolution and Enlightenment), taxations that the people viewed as unfair, and the scarcity of food. With all of these uprising factors, historians led to believe that this was the perfect environment for a revolt (source card #2). But as there were many causes leading up to the French Revolution, there were a lot more events going on throughout the revolt. Events such as: The Estates-General meeting for the first time, the Declaration of Rights of Man, the Great Fear, the Formation of the National Assembly, the attempted escape of Louis XVI and family, The Legislative Assembly declaring war on Austria, the Radicals and sans-culottes gaining power, the formation of The National Convention, the Jacobin Club gaining prominence, the execution of King Louis XVI, the Committee of Public Safety overseeing the Reign of Terror, the end of the Reign of Terror and the rise of the Directory, and Napoleon rising to power. These led to many of the effects of the end of the