Essay about French and Indian War: Relationship between America and Britain

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The effects after the French and Indian War created an unbalanced relationship between Britain and the British colonies. The victory allowed Britain to expand their territory, but also brought Britain in great debt. Britain believed that Parliament should have more authority over the colonists and so they put in Acts to enforce their rules. The many different Acts created resentment throughout the colonies towards their mother country. The French and Indian War also had the effect on the colonies and the colonists because they all fought together and were unified. Before the war, the colonies were very untrustful of each other, but the war helped them fight against a common enemy. The French and Indian War caused Britain to enforce …show more content…
With this the thirteen colonies, formed the First Continental Congress in 1774. All the representatives from each of the colonies came, except for Georgia. The meeting was conducted because they wanted to talk about the Intolerable Acts, their relationship with Britain, and the taxes they were given. They agreed to boycott some of the British goods and if Britain did not do anything about the policies, they would meet again. They sent a petition to England asking them to repeal the taxes and Intolerable Acts, but of course Parliament and the King refused. When the battle of Lexington and Concord happened, they met again creating the Second Continental Congress and wrote the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, finally separating them from British rule. The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the start of the American Revolution. The colonies never worked together because of their trust issues, but it all changed when they were all fighting for their freedom over Britain. They knew they had to form together to think of strategic plans and to prepare their men for battle.

The French and Indian War was the start of a chain reaction that started the American Revolution and ended with the freedom of our nation. The French and Indian War affected both sides including Britain and the colonies. It made Parliament and the King enforce Acts upon the colonists,