French and Indian War Research Paper

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|FORT NECESSITY |September 20 |
| |2010 |
|In 1754, George Washington, a lieutenant colonel, was dispatch to the Ohio Country with an armed force to |French and Indian War Research Paper |
|build a fort in present-day Pittsburgh. After arriving he found that the French were already building a | |
|fort, Fort Duquesne. Washington ended up building Fort Necessity around the area but that wasn’t enough. | |
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The war known as the French and Indian War (a.k.a. Seven Years War), did not officially start until 1756 even though before hand there was many military activities that were going on previous years. It was called the French and Indian War because the British Colonists were fighting two enemies-the French and their Native American allies. When news of Braddock being defeated arrived at London that was when Britain declared war on France. The first year of the war it wasn’t successful for the British colony. Native Americans were killing settlers, burning farmhouses and even crops which lead to making families move back to the east where they had come from. Luck began to turn around for the British after William Pitt came as secretary of state and then prime minister. William Pitt lead the British to victory from his stupendous military skills and with the help of Great Britain that supplied the troops with weapons and anything else they needed, without questioning. In September of 1759, with the persistence of British general James Wolfe had found a way to reach the capital of New France, Quebec which was located under the eyes of the French under a cliff around the St. Lawrence River. General Wolfe traveled through the back of the cliff, where it wasn’t protected, and surprised attacked the French resulting to defeating them. This battle was known as Battle of Quebec which showed that it was not impossible to attack them. Due