Fresh Air Essay

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Paharpur Business Centre is the healthiest building in New Delhi. Eye irritation, breathing problems, headaches, lung wear and asthma have decreased considerably in people who work inside the building. Furthermore, productivity has increased by 20% while energy demand have decreased by 15%. The reason for all this is the introduction of three different plants in the workplace, a technique which is being replicated in another building in India. This use of plants to reduce energy demand is very significant because energy demand worldwide will increased by 30% in the next decade and 40% of this demand will be from buildings.

The three plants that have been introduced in Paharpur Business Centre are the Areca Palm, Mother-in-law’s tongue and Money Plant; 1200 plants are being used there for a 20 year old 55000 ft2 building. The Areca Palm transforms CO2 into oxygen, it grows in hydroponics, 4 plants are needed per person and it should be moved outdoors every 3 or 4 months. Mother-in-law’s tongue transforms CO2 into oxygen at night and between 6 or 8 plants are needed per person. The Money Plant grows in hydroponics and it removes chemicals products from the air.

In terms of the usefulness of the scheme for ESADE, although there are clearly some important benefits to be gained from the scheme, the large number of plants that are needed per person to maximize their benefits would transform any workplace or university into a jungle. The question that is important to answer