Freshman Comp Reflection

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With my classes in Freshman Comp I and II, I assumed it would be a cake walk compared to College Algebra or biology. I believed I was a good writer and would easily get an A in both classes. I ended up seeing that I was wrong and busted my tail in both semesters of Freshman Comp I and II to maintain an A average. It took a lot of work, restless nights, and millions of tears. I was so overwhelmed with everything to be expected that this “cake walk” I once thought, turned into a journey of determination to receive the grade I wanted. With Freshman Comp I and II, I was taught the importance of reading and documenting the sources, analyzing and summarizing articles, and the research that goes behind a well written essay. When I walked into the classroom of Freshman Comp I, I was nervous. I was almost thirty-one years old walking into a classroom with teenagers fresh out of high school. I felt out of place and that I was expected to know more than these teenagers, but felt I could easily be the best student in class because of my age. I was entirely wrong. Not only were …show more content…
We were given the opportunity to pick our topic, which I found helpful in my papers. I do not think I would have done as well as I did if I had to write on a topic I did not find as appealing to my mind. By doing this, I did not expect to have to do so much research and successfully locate several credible sources to help with my paper. I thought first-hand accounts would be enough for my paper, but it was not enough, they had to be credible and not listed on Wikipedia. I overcame and was able to write three great papers, I may have not received the grades on two of those papers that I wanted, but I still managed to learn quite a lot about formatting and writing a college paper. These assignments, although challenging to me, I still received the A I was so destined to see at the end of the semester for Freshman Comp