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The Freshman Guide

Registering for Classes

Upon your matriculation at Drexel, your academic advisor is able to register you for courses for the upcoming Fall term. He/she is able to do this based on choice of major and/or results on placement exams. Your advisor will contact you regarding waiving certain classes with AP/college credit, if necessary, and you can contact your advisor if you have any major concerns about adding classes to your schedule. Otherwise, expect to hear from your advisor a couple of weeks before the start of your term regarding your Fall term course registration.

For subsequent terms, each student receives a time ticket for course registration. This can be viewed on DrexelOne, under the Students tab. This tells the date/time that you are able to register for the next term, based on your standing at Drexel (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.). It is a good idea to look at the Term Master Schedule (also found under the Students tab) to plan out your class schedule options prior to registration.

Calculating GPA

The GPA calculator enables students to predict their GPA based on past, current, or future term performance. Students can use this tool to calculate the GPA they must earn in the current term to achieve their ideal grade point average (GPA).

The GPA calculator that Drexel students can use can be accessed here:

Selecting Classes

The plan of study for your major can be found here:

It is also always a good idea to talk to upperclassmen studying the same major as you and ask them for advice regarding the classes you will need for your major so that you are better able to plan your coursework.

Also, always consult your advisor to make sure you will have the prerequisites for the classes for which you are registering.

Succeeding in Classes/Exams

A good habit to pick up on if you have not already is time management. It is necessary, especially with Drexel’s eleven to twelve-week terms. The best way to succeed in your classes is to study course material throughout the term, so that exam weeks are less hectic.

Maximum/Minimum Number of Credit Hours Required

As a full-time student at Drexel, the maximum number of credit hours you can take is 20 credits. Going over means you will have to pay the amount set per credit hour. To maintain your full-time status as a student, you are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Dragon Card Usage

The Dragon card you are given upon starting at Drexel serves many purposes. If you lose it, you can obtain another card at the Dragon Card office for $20, located in the Creese Student Center (located on 32nd and Chestnut Streets).

Firstly, as a student with campus housing, your Dragon card allows you access to any residence hall. Other than that, you will also need your Dragon card to access the Hagerty Library, Drexel’s Recreation Center, or some Labs/Rooms around campus (i.e. the Honors Lounge).

Your Dragon card also allows you access to riding the Drexel shuttles. The shuttles are useful in terms of providing free transportation to Center City and other areas around University City which include many restaurants, grocery shopping options, and recreation around Drexel. A list of shuttle stops’ locations and their pick-up/drop-off times can be found here: