Freshman Year at Towson Essay example

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Julie Blandford
Professor Chester
English 102
22 February 2013
The Power of Grandma’s Blanket Grandma handed me this big, beautiful, blue blanket at the age of three. Blue was, and is my favorite color, so I was super excited. I also was in love with its neat, intricate pattern. I was also big on cuddling when I was little, and this blanket was just warm enough to cuddle under. I started to sleep with the blanket on my bed every single night. I would think of it as protection from the nightmares I would frequently have. It was a shield against all the boogie monsters under my bed and in my closet. It was always there for me, and so was my grandmother. My grandmother continues to be an important person in my life. Whenever I need someone to talk to about anything, I know my grandmother is always there. She not only cooks the best meals, but also gives the best advice. For the last fifteen years, this blanket has travelled with me to every hotel and friend’s house where I stayed the night. It now has a prominent spot on my bed in my college dorm. No other blanket will suffice when I’m cold at night. Of course it is pretty torn up and has a few holes, but it’s still as special as ever. Beller wrote of his t-shirts that, “they improve with age, getting better and better until one day, they disappear. Their finest moment is their grand finale.” The difference with my blanket is that it will hopefully not disappear, but I do believe my blanket has gotten more