Fresno Off The Grid

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Danzel Trotter
Fresno Off the Grid I have carved my own path, in the fresh fallen snow of the Japan's notorious snow capped mountains. Seen the Mayan ruins, felt my lungs burn running for my life, escaping Spain's running of the bulls. I have traveled through the land of the free, riding a road bike, I guess you can call me a world traveler or Jack Jamison, a man who sees the world but finds no better feeling than coming back to my home in Fresno, CA. The question is always asked, you could live anywhere, why choose Fresno? Many may not realize what Fresno has to offer, it truly is a city that has it all. What ever you want Fresno is the center of it. What it lacks in, it makes up in diversity and community. Fresno is the home of workaholics, thrill seekers, Christians, Muslims, athletes, children, the elderly.. etc. It has to offer some of the best education around, Fresno caters to the education of the future. The Universities of Fresno State, and Fresno Pacific offer great programs such as nursing, Agriculture, teaching, kinesolegy..etc. In fact these Universities thrive off of diversity and seek to find promising students from all over the world. As a result of great education Fresno is known to some of the top Hospitals in the nation. Reigning from St. Agnes to Kaiser community Hospital no one is left untended. Say you have had enough of the concrete jungle and want a breath of fresh mountain air, the mouth to the infamous Yosemite National Park is just a brisk drive out of the Valley. People from all over the world travel to