Friar Tuck's Short Story

Words: 166
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Friar Tuck’s Story

As I slipped, all I could think about was not to get my beautiful, yellow, fancy, shoes wet. I grabbed onto Friar Tuck’s red robe so I could save my best clothes and shoes from the murky waters. I caught onto his collar and started to choke him as I was climbing back onto his back. This caused Friar Tuck to go off balance. He teetered and tottered back and forth as I gripped on for dear life. As he tumbles into the water, I quickly climb onto his head. Just as I leap onto his head, I see a branch from the large oak tree, hanging right above me. I quickly grab my trusty bow and arrow to help me reach up and use my stealthy monkey skills to pull myself up onto the branch. As I see Friar Tuck tumble into the water,