Friction: Friction and Varying Static Friction Essay

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Farida Amadou

Partners: Binyem, Daniel


Title: Friction

We learn about friction in this lab. To purpose of the lab was to investigate the coefficient of friction for a given surface and the effects of factors such as weight have on the coefficient of friction. In order for us to test the varying Static friction or Kinetic friction we used an inclined plane, some wooden carts, and a masses, mass hanger, string, timer and a balance. The actual experiment consisted of two parts. The first part measured the net force, or more specific the net force required to overcome the kinetic friction coefficient, to move the block across the frictional surfaces.

In this lab, we measured the kinetic and static coefficients of friction. The hypothesis suggested that the net force requirement of a moving object at a constant speed across a frictional surface is less than the initial force required to start the object into motion due to the frictional coefficients respectively. The following are the tables of data compiled from the experiments.

In conclusion, we learned how to find the friction of an object just by determining the weight and time of which it stop moving, and then plugging it into various forms of equation. If we would have plugged either the time or weight into the wrong place, then our answers would have been wrong. This meaning that the vectors that we got would…