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“Purple Haze was in my brain, lately things don’t feel the same, acting funny but I don’t know why. ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky…” You could hear these psychedelic lyrics clamorously stumbling out of my grandfather’s squalid garage & marching into my curious seven year old ears. The rhythm of this man’s harmonic tunes rattled my bones with exhilaration. I eagerly rummaged through my grandfather’s mountainous mounds of old records & CD’s. In search of that precious voice that caught my attention. Record after record, stack over stack. I was about to surrender on my search until I heard those lyrics again. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience”, the record read. Jimi Hendrix’s music won my heart & ears. Jimi’s way of composing marvelous music influenced me in making my own melodies. “The Jimi Hendrix Experience” was repeatedly blasting on my stereo daily so I won’t loose the motivation of composing music. My grandfather got me my first acoustic guitar at the age of nine. Once the beautiful guitar touched my tiny hands, I dashed into my room like Flash, turned on my stereo & learned “Voodoo Child” & “Purple Haze” by ear. Of course, I didn’t play the guitar just as Mr. Hendrix did, but at least I had some spice. There was a lengthy time period where I left my precious acoustic in abandonment. Synthesizers were getting trendy when I was a fourteen year old. An inquisitive I wanted to know about the world of synths. A good buddy of mine suggested downloading a program to make electronic beats (since we’ve conversed about this topic). Jennifer Lee (A.K.A TOKiMONSTA) & an indie/electro band that goes by the name of Crystal Castles formed such dignified ornaments of bizarre sounds that soon influenced me into making my own distorted sounds. Audio Production was regularly on my mind because I wanted to explore & enhancing my learning. Fortunately, my school offered the Audio Video Production course & swiftly I signed up for it. Mr. Gonzalez taught my classmates & me various useful techniques. On a day of Mr. Gonzalez’s teaching, he demonstrated how to use Garage Band. My soul lit up in a stead-fast beat. Once I comprehended the use of Garage Band, I went ape crazy & blended different instruments together, used repetition, guitars, synths, etc. since then, I’ve continued engaging my curiosity of towards Audio Production. We all have