Friday Night Lights Essay

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Cortney Taylor
Mr. Frank
9/10th Period
October 2, 2014
Friday Night Lights Essay The small town of Odessa, Texas home to the well-known Permian High School football team. The culture of football is important to the town. Being a part of the team, each individual is to give off their sense of masculinity, which equals their pride and belonging. Culture is the shared belief, value and behavior by a group of people. The town of Odessa share their love and passion for football by incorporating it into their daily lives. There is a cultural importance of football to Odessa. The town being considered “Football Country”, the exaggerated value of football is expressed several times throughout the movie. High school teams have this group of supportive parents and faculty called the Booster Club. They’re to fundraise for the team so they can receive things that will benefit them. In the movie the booster club of Odessa were big time investors whom were the ones that was able to get the money to build the Permian High School Football Field. The largest football stadium in the south for a high school. This investment in to the team gives the belief that they want nothing more than the best out of the team. They believe in the best so they do all they can for the best. The nest display of cultural importance is when the team lost a player. The loss of Boobie Miles to a torn ACL brought a somber and gloomy tone to the town. Everyone had concluded the season with a lost in mind. This effect on the town illustrated their high expectation and value on the team.