Friend: Philadelphia 76ers and Middle School Essay

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Zeng Qingquan
ENGL 1004(05)
February 25 2013
A Man I Remember In my twenty years life, I meet a lot of people . Perhaps the most vital person I have ever met is my best friend Alex. I like to learn something from him, and he always help me. We met each other in the middle school. he is a very special guy for me. He often show his competitive spirit , earnest and struggling in everywhere. That is why I always remember him. He gives me a good impression because of his earnest. When we first meet in the middle school. I think he gives me a good first impression. He is five point five feet-tall but not very strong.Usually, his black hair extremely short. The irises of his eyes present in a color not much different than his coal skin,and they cover the majority of space in eyes. Judging him from far distance, his whole impression will be like the sky of late night. His teeth are surprisingly clean and white. Then we introduce ourself to each other. I find that we have the same hobbies. We all like to play basketball and computer games. Because he is earlier than me to arrive our school. he is like a guider to introduce this school for me ,and tells me everything about this school if he knows. I think this guy is a google map, his introduction is so clear , he is a earnest person. And I often tell him, if he did not show his earnest , may be we could not become the best friend. In the middle school life , basketball become a important part of his life. He always call me to play basketball when we finish the class, and talk about NBA stars and teams as we eat lunch or dinner. His favorite NBA superstar is Allen Iverson. He often says Iverson is one of the best shooting guard in the NBA history, because Iverson as tall as him, but Iverson is the shortest player in the NBA history to win two times MVP(most valuable player) prizes and scoring leader prizes. So you can image that his favorite team must be Philadelphia 76ers. Everyday , we will watch TV to find NBA news. Sometimes he look likes a commentator , he likes to commentate every news if it is about NBA. He knows every superstar’s habit, When we watch NBA game, he will be exciting for highlight. If you do not know what he does, you must think he is crazy. Sometimes we watch the 76ers game and the team has trouble right now. He will analysis situation and tell me how should the 76ers to do is the best. I make a joke for him, I say if you can stand in the ground or you are a coach , I believe you could help your team. When I say these , he will laugh and his face will flush. Actually , I do not know what he said is right or wrong, but one thing I have to admit that he struggle to play basketball. Maybe we are the same level when we play together in the beginning, but after two year, he is stronger than me. Every morning , he will run in the playground to practice his leg muscle whatever the temperature is cold or hot. He wants to jump higher and speed faster than his past. He is a good defence player and he has good shooting skill. So he is a basketball superstar in our middle school. One day I ask him why is he so struggling. He says he want to win every game when he joins in. He always