White Privilege Research Paper

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The United States is filled with a vast variety of people and culture. Though it has been struggling with one thing that has been around since the lands of America have been discovered which, is the concept of White Privilege. This concept of White Privilege is viewed in many ways by a lot of minority groups. Some of the definitions or views are: By being a White American they have special advantages and benefits that other minorities don’t have, another is that by being a White American they are to only be treated as a people of privilege while the other races are just be-little or not as important. I know that I don’t speak for all minorities, but I feel that in today’s society we still struggle with the concept of White Privilege and must take a stand. As I mentioned before this concept has been around since the discovery of the lands of America which was by the Europeans; even though, the Native Americans were there first. The year was 1492 and here comes Christopher Columbus and his other followers discovering America, which then they retuned back home and stated that they were there first and left the Native Americans out of it. Then throughout their discovery, they demanded respect from all the other minorities who were their first before them and felt as they were the one in charge. Then many decades and years later many other minorities came to the lands of America which then lead to the concept of slavery which took a whole new role of the concept of White Privilege.
Slavery has been known by many peoples of all races and has not been practiced in today’s society, though people back then felt that is was necessary especially the White Americans.
Though in today’s society it is still a problem we face every day. It doesn’t matter if you are African, Mexican, and even white. Many of the White American feel that their color of their skin is the most important and by that they can get anything they want and desire do to their place in culture. An example of that would be in are armed forces like police. Many of our police officers men and women that are of White American feel that by having on the uniform and being white they have control of everything and every situation. This I can relate to because my cousin who was driving a brand new car he just got for his birthday and all of a sudden a police officer stops him for no apparent reason.