Friends Are More Supportive Than Family

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Jose Nunez
Mr. Rydarowski
ENGL 1301 Tu&Th 7:30
Strangers tend to be more supportive than family.

There’s nothing more satisfying than going to the same school with relatives, knowing they will help with problems that come up. Especially for someone, that had just arrived from another country, and is about to begin a new life. Feeling secure, that they will protect you from anything bad you encounter, whether you did good or bad. However, my relatives are not, nor will have those characteristics. When I used to live in my native land, I always gave my cousins a good welcome, treating them the best way I could, to make them comfortable because they did not like to spend their summer in my town because they were more of city people. When I came to Houston, and started middle school everything change. It was like we had become strangers. On the first day of school, none of my three cousins help me with the struggles that I had to face. Instead one stranger helped me to finish my first school day with a smile, and if wouldn’t been for him I would had drop out school, or had returned to Mexico. That day I knew that strangers can have more sympathy than your own kin. It was my first day in middle school. I had just arrived from Mexico, and everything I knew about this place was based on American TV shows or magazines. From what I saw on TV shows everyone was nicer and helpful, especially if they were from other nationality. I had been here for two months, and did not had any chance to interact with other people besides family, until I went to an American school for the first time. I got there early because my father took me on his way to work. I waited half an hour for the school to open and when they open the students did not show up until another 30 minutes. When they arrived, I saw people that had different skin colors and different facial characteristics. I was amazed by this that sometimes I kept staring at them, which made them angry, but others were thoughtful to say “hi”. Most of the students were African American, about the 80 percent. Most of them were rude to everyone else, except to their own. I think they felt superior to everyone else, so they tried to intimidate anyone who stood in their way. Luckily they didn’t put a lot attention to me and didn’t harass me like the other students. Finally a bell rang, which meant that breakfast had finish and it was time to go on to first class. I stood there 20 minutes until a janitor kicked me out of the cafeteria. I walked around the campus for a whole class because I did not knew where I had to go. The same bell rang, and all the students exited the rooms they we’re in. At that time all the students were out, I saw one of my cousins, Hector being tall, with brown skin color and skinny wasn’t hard to notice him. I tried to get a hold of him, but he disappear in the crowd. I guess he didn’t want to be seen with me. When another bell rang, I asked random strangers for help, but some didn’t speak Spanish, so they couldn’t help me. The one that looked like they were Hispanics decided to ignore me, but there is always one good person that will help any fellow. His name was Arnulfo. He had a white complexion look, with green eyes, and blonde hair, was five foot and six inches, and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds, he was in shape. He was very kind when it came helping others. While he was describing the path, I had to take to get to my classes. We discovered that we had similar subjects. An ESL class for student who didn’t knew nothing about the English language. Which he got into detail, he told me the materials I needed for that class and how it was going to help me to learn the proper ways to speak and write in the English language. After we finish talking, we went to ours classes, I went to a math class, and the subject was algebra. The teacher introduced herself as Ms. Banks. She had graduated from University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in