Friendship and Ethan Robbins Mrs. Essay

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Ethan Robbins
Mrs. Ferguson
English 1010
22 September 2013 The Best and Worst July Fourth It was an early July forth morning and I had just got back home from staying at a friends house I spent the night at. It was a grey and rainy day and all I wanted to do was sleep before the night’s festivities. I was pretty excited for the day ahead of me because it was the fourth and I love going to watch firework with all my friends and family. I just knew it was going to be a good day. So there I was cleaning my room like my mom had asked, then all the sudden I get a call from my friend Riley. I thought she was just calling to see what I was getting into that night, but I was wrong. She called me to tell me that one of my close friends Mitchell Maxwell had passed the night previous. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it. She goes on to tell me what all happened and I remember being in shock as she continued. I told her I had to call my friend Samson to see if he had heard about the news, Samson answers and I told him everything riley just told me and just like me he didn’t believe it. Samson did some investigating and he figured out this tragedy was real. The moment Samson told me the death was true was one of the most surreal moments in my life so far, it was so hard to take all that in so fast. Riley came to pick me up from my house to take me to my friend Tyler’s house where all Mitch’s close friends were meeting to just be together. All I did at Tyler’s house was reminiscing on all the great times me and Mitchell had, like that summer we went to bonnaroo together and we had the time of our lives! Or when he got so mad at me for tweeting about Siegel football being so good and Mitchell hated Siegel so when he saw my tweet he lost it! He kept yelling at me telling me to delete it, and I did because Mitch was no one to mess with. He was about six foot one two-hundred and ten pounds of pure strength. Mitchell was built to be a football player and that’s why he was leaving that Sunday to go play for Mississippi State. I just kept on thinking, his life was going so good, and why did this have to happen? From Tyler’s house Samson and I went back to my place to get ready to meet everyone at our friend Scotties house for a big gathering for the fourth and of course for Mitch. We get to Scotties and all our friends and Mitch’s friends were there. It was depressing at the start of the night. Everyone was either crying or holding their head down low. It got a little better as the night went on, we started shooting off some fireworks to get our minds off Mitch, but we didn’t shoot