Friendship and Good Friend Essay

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There is no other way to write about friendship, but to be sounding emotional and mushy so bear with me as I accept the above charge as guilty. Unlike family, which is bonds by blood, Friendship is one of the most important bond/relation that we get to choose/form by our will. With the power of choice comes the great responsibility, responsibility of choosing good friend as well as responsibility of being a good friend in return. There is no checklist or criteria to find a good friend. Some people define attributes of good friend as someone who makes you happy, someone who you enjoy spending time with, someone, that will stand beside you, someone that will guide you right. Good Friend may have all or some of these attributes but I believe Friendship in its true form is an organic process, which draws two individuals naturally into bond unintentionally and unconditionally. No one can be forced into or stopped from being your friend.

Let me share how I met my friend Kushal, who I will not belittle by calling best friend. Friendship itself is a best quality in itself. I met Kushal on orientation day of my freshman year. Kushal who was a friend of one of my friends from high school. At first, we were very different. I found Kushal to be little dorky and annoying. Kushal, who followed me throughout the orientation day. Kushal, who was panicking about every little step and what he will do wrong. I was trying by best to ignore and avoid. However, Fate had his way, when I