Friendship In Julius Caesar Essay

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Interactions between Characters
Character interactions can make any type of writing move forward and can make a theme of the play and make their interactions explain the story and also have a plot that is involved in the play, Brutus and Cassius’s contrast with each other during the play.
The character that contrasts with Brutus is Cassius. The way that Cassius contrasts with Brutus is because one is trying to be honorable while the other is trying to receive as much power as they can. In the Tragedy of Julius Caesar, “Come down: behold no more a coward that I am to live so long, to see my best friend ta’en before my face!” The quotation is explaining that he does not want his best friend to be a coward and that the longest he has known him
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Brutus and Cassius’s friendship make the theme of the story. Honor gets in their way which leads into a war to see which one would have the power over Rome. The theme of the play is does honor and power ruin friendship or is friendship stronger? After the war had happened Brutus and Cassius committed suicide in honor of their loyalty and friendship of Caesar. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, “Forever and forever farewell Brutus, If we do meet again, we’ll smile indeed if not, tis true this parting was well made.” Cassius is saying goodbye to Brutus and that the parting was well made. Friendship took over honor towards the end of the play Brutus committed suicide after he has found out that Cassius died. Another way that their interactions advance the story is by describing their relationship, friendship during the plot of the play. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar “Friends I owe more tears to this dead man than you shall see me pay, I shall find time, Cassius; I shall find time come, therefore, and to Thasos send his body.” This is showing that Brutus is crying about Cassius’s death and that this is showing the loyalty and supporting the theme of the play which is friendship takes over honor and