Frindle Essay examples

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Jacquelyn Howington
Dr. Towles
ENGL 310-001
October 14, 2014

Main Characters (with Brief Description) * Nick Allen: the main character of the story. A fifth-grade boy at Lincoln Elementary, who came up with the word “Frindle” to use instead of the word pen with his friends. He gets the entire school to use the word and it becomes a huge epidemic across the globe. * Mrs. Granger: an older lady, whom is Nick’s fifth grade language arts teacher. She has been a teacher for over 35 years and is very stern in her teaching ways. She loves the dictionary and has it on a podium in front of the classroom. When Nick comes up with the word “Frindle” she refuses to use it. We see later though, that she is secretly doing this
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Literary Strengths/Weaknesses (Explain) * A strength that is seen in the book was that, firstly, it was really easy to read. Another strength was that it was able to reach to all ages. Any reader can enjoy this book because it tells a story of a clever boy who just wanted to start something small to get out of homework, but it grew into something extraordinary, and in life we all have those moments, therefor everyone can relate.
Worldview Elements (Explain How) * The worldview in the story is community. This is seen after Nick’s word “Frindle” became a larger ordeal than in the classroom. After the controversy of Mrs. Granger holding over 100 kids in the after school detention, the entire community began using the word “Frindle” instead of the word pen. By the time that the entire town was using the word, Bud Lawrence, wanted to make Nick’s word bigger than a small town epidemic, thus making the word a phenomenon. Had it not been for Nick’s friends and community helping him use the word, his fame probably never would have gotten anywhere.
3 Significant Quotes + Why They Are Significant * “From this day on and forever, I will never use the word PEN again. Instead, I will use the word FRINDLE, and I will do everything possible so others will, too” (Clements 38).
This quote is important because it is the oath that Nick took when he decided he would come up with the word Frindle. Nick and five of his friends all agreed to