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Fritzy the “F-word” Coming from an immigrant background Firoozeh Dumas explained a common difficulty among immigrants. It seems that the time she immigrated over to the United States, people did not seem as tolerant among others. If your name was out of the ordinary like hers it would easily made fun of. For example, her cousin Farbod would be called “Farthead” or Farshid would be called “Fartsh*t.” Even though she stated that kids would say these things, I think it will go a little deeper than that. Back then people did were not as open-minded as we are today. It is like if we decide to move to another English speaking country or even a country that do not speak English during this time you might be made fun of your own name. Going a little farther how does one name evolved to those short nick names, example: William to Bill, Richard to Dick. It is great how America can change those normal names into something completely different. Really how does William become Bill, most of us could assume that it would be Will? It is odd how some ones identity can be altered just like that. It looks as if your ethnic identity needs to disappear in order to assimilate into the United States. Firoozeh could not get a job until she added her name Julie to her résumé. I am guessing that people could not pronounce her name and did not want to talk to her about a job interview. From the time that she arrived to America, it has evolved into a tolerant state. More and more of us are…