Frogs: Tiny Old Man Essay

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Somewhere Beneath the Rainbow
Growing up, we have all listened to the tales of leprechauns in Irish folklore. They typically were the form of a tiny old man with a green coat making shoes and always storing their wealth in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If it was possible to journey to the end of a rainbow in search for a pot of gold, you would probably see me at the John Wayne Airport with everything packed and ready for departure. I may have some doubts, but with all the wealth I could have, it is well worth the flight. After all, I am a college student with a child and some extra income could be a bit nice.
I can picture a pot of gold being on the island of Ireland so that is where I would be flying towards. After landing I can see myself walking miles and miles through the forest surrounded by mountains and gushing voices from the rivers. As I stopped to take a gulp of some Irish whiskey that I picked up from town, I turned around and discovered a hairy, greenish tiny man that reminded me of a Hobbit in one of Tolkien’s stories. He was in a deep sleep and was lying next to a big pot under a rainbow that appeared to be filled with gold. After poking him a bit to see if he was still awake, the little mysterious creature still remained asleep. Then I asked myself, “What if he does not wake up?” I proceeded to take his pot of gold and ran for my life like Forrest Gump. After shopping around a bit in the UK and visiting the Queen, I took my newly