List Five Conventions That Are Used In Spreadsheet Design

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From Data to Information Part 5

Reference: Potts and Lawson (Eds), Information Technology, VCE Information Technology Units 1 & 2, 5th Edition Chapter 1 p3-40

Read the reference material, then answer the following questions.

1. What is the difference between a format and a convention?
Conventions are the standard ways of formatting data, A format are ways in which data and information can be presented. Such as Tables, graphs and sounds. The format has its own conventions, which specify the mandatory.

2. List five conventions that are used in spreadsheet design.
Money values, decimal points, text, dates and text font.

3. List five conventions that are used in graphic representations.
Graphs, charts, titles, legend, colors and unit of measurement.

4. Identify the conventions that have and have not been applied in the graphic representation in Figure 1-34 on page 40.
The graphic representation has a bar chart, a title and the chart is colored. It provides dates, and decimal points.
The graph however does not have a key/legend and a unit of measurement.

5. What are the characteristics of an effective solution?
An effective solution matches the users search for information. It provides an effective way of solving a problem and serves a purpose in order to solve information problems.

6. What is the difference between validation and testing?
Validation checks that data input in a computer system is appropriate and reasonable. Testing however is performed in order