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Nicholas Wolf
Mr. Fields
3300: 111-210
From Outside In The writer, Barbara Mellix, engages the readers by telling a personal story of her life. She lets the reader get a feel of what her life was like. By giving a personal story it lets the reader feel closer to the writer, and it attracts more attention from the reader. I believe the story was directed towards younger people like students. I do not think the reader has needs if he or she is reading the story. I think the only reason someone would read this story is because they were forced to do so. The story is a good story, but it is not something I would pick up just to read in my spare time. I believe it was created for the use of a school or university. It fits perfectly along for an English teacher or professor to use. I do not think any potential objections could come this. It is a very true passage. People judge our intelligence off of the way we write and the way we speak. People tend to follow more intelligent people because everyone wants to be associated with a person that is always winning. Mellix talks about how she impressed her teacher by the new style of writing she used. I think this also attests to the opinion of change is good. If someone or a group of people do not experience change every once in a while their lives get boring. The purpose of this piece is to prove to the reader that anything is possible if he or she actually has the drive to accomplish something. The writer proved this point…