From Trail To Triumph

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Patrice Holmes
Professor Graham
English 1101 TR 1-3
28 May 2013
From Trail to Triumph
It sure is hot out today. Michelle says to her best friend Lisa as the exit the mall heading to the bus stop. Michelle and Lisa spent the better part of the day at the mall shopping. The girls had been friends for years and were more like sisters. Michelle had started working back in September and the girls hadn’t seen much of each other since so they decided to go to the mall before Michelle had to go to work. The girls made their way down the stairs to the bus bench to wait on the bus to arrive. They laughed and talked and just caught each other up on what had been going on in one another life. Lisa told Michelle about her new boyfriend and how she really liked him. Michelle told her friend hoe happy she was that she had found someone to make her happy. The girls continue talking when Lisa spotted Maurice and Dave walking towards them. When Maurice and Dave finally got to the bus stop where the girls were Lisa introduced them to Michelle.
As they sat waiting for the bus to get there Michelle noticed that it was getting really close to the time that she needed to be at work and the bus still hadn’t arrived she decided to call her job and let that she might be a little late due to the bus being late. After Michelle made her call she joined the conversation Lisa, Maurice, and Dave were having. Thirty minutes more passed and the bus still hadn’t arrived. Michelle made another call to her job because now she was late. Her boss told her that she wouldn’t be penalized for being late. After about an hour the bus finally arrived. They all got on the bus and continued to converse. The bus neared Michelle’s stop so she and Maurice exchanged telephone numbers. Michelle rang the bell for the next stop. The bus came to a stop she got off crossed the busy road and made it to work 45 minutes late. The day progressed ever so slowly and Michelle grew more and more anxious for it to end so that she could get home and give Maurice a call. The two of them had started a great conversation that she couldn’t wait to finish.
Michelle’s work day finally came to an end. She went home took a long hot shower made herself something to eat and before she could get to her room and settle in the phone rang and to her surprise when she answered it Maurice. She now wore the biggest smile ever. They talked until the wee hours of the morning laughing and making plans to see each other again soon. Soon what started as a chance encounter became a whirlwind love. As the days and months went by Maurice and Michelle spent more and more time together and grew deeper in love with one another. After a year passed Michelle finds out that she is pregnant and shares this with Maurice. They are both excited and afraid at the same time. Excited that they had created a new life but afraid of what their families would say. Michelle tried to come up with ways to tell her mother that she was pregnant but fear got the best of her every time she thought she had the perfect way. One afternoon Michelle and her mom were enjoying some quality time together laughing about Michelle when she was a little girl when her mom says in the middle of the conversation I made you an appointment to the OB-GYN. Surprised Michelle asked why? Her mom say to find out how far along you are. Needless to say an awkward silence fell between the two of them and Michelle burst into tears. Her mom hugged her and told her that everything would be alright. The conversation was now about Michelle’s options and whether or not she and Maurice were ready for a baby.
Michelle and Maurice talked about their options and decided that their only option was to get ready because abortion wasn’t an option and neither was adoption. In the days leading up to her appointment she questioned if she was really ready to be a mother. A week goes by and Michelle’s appointment day had come. She sees the doctor and hears her baby’s