From a Commuter's Perspective Essay

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From a Commuter’s Perspective Deciding on attending Wayne State University in the fall of 2012 was, in many ways, deciding on taking the safe route. I did not particularly know what to expect from the new journey I was soon to embark on. Being aware of the fact that attending WSU would mean I would be living at home gave me the comfort I was in need of. When I officially made the decision on what school to attend come fall, I was of the opinion that the one I had selected was the wisest choice for me. After one semester of classes, my opinion has changed. I no longer want to take the safe route. I am now willing to challenge myself as a student and, more importantly, as a person. 68% of students attending Wayne State University live off campus, ranking it at number eight in US News’ list of top ten schools with the most freshman commuters. For this reason, the school’s campus life is not its most attractive attribute. Being a commuter myself, I realize how valuable a strong campus life could turn out to be. Living in a dorm during the school year would provide me with certain challenges and benefits I would not otherwise encounter. For one, I would be given a greater amount of freedom than if I were living at home. I am aware that with an increased amount of freedom comes an increased amount of responsibility. Taking on more responsibility, however, is one way I could go about adding extra challenges to my life and straying away from the safe route.
On top of that, I would be experiencing something totally unfamiliar. While commuting to school is a routine I have grown accustomed to during my high school years, living in a dorm would be unlike anything I have been faced with in the past. The people I would meet and the times I would share with