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Front End PIC
I want to increase our performances in the Front End, and this is not possible unless I have a very strong group of people in charge. I would like to challenge the PIC’s to raise the bar, set standards, and increase job knowledge to become stronger leaders.
We have made it this far with our motivation, our ability to manage; somewhere along the line, somebody saw this and decided to put us in charge. WE ARE THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE! We have the status that a checker doesn’t have, and this means we need to step up and take on the role with everything we have to offer. When you are in charge, everybody should know you are in charge! They should know who they can count on, whom to go to for directions, and who is the example that they should be following.
We are the ROLE MODELS for the front end. The checkers will follow the examples that we are setting for them. A problem I see right now is excessive chatting in the front end. What I don’t see enough of is the PIC discouraging that behavior, but rather encouraging it by joining in and setting those examples. If the PIC’s are talking, of course the checkers will think it is okay for excessive chatting as well. I want you to set those standards, change our operation, and become the ideal front end that the company is striving for!! I am expecting all the PICs to set a good example, because employees mimic the behavior of authority figures. If we aren’t doing our jobs, nobody is doing their jobs.
Sure, we have conversations here and there. The reason why I really want to discourage excessive chatting is because when we are chatting, the customers aren’t getting our full attention. Every guest should be greeted if they walk past you. If we are chatting, we are ignoring these guests. Every guest deserves our full attention; they should feel special every time they come to the store. I would like us to follow what Tim Peppers is expecting. “When a guest is leaving our store, I want them to feel as good or better when they are leaving.” We really need to raise our standards, and maximize our guest service levels. The chatting needs to stop, TODAY. Your full attention should always be given to the guest you are waiting on, not the checker next to you or any other person.
Motivate the employees to achieve their personally highest levels of performance through example and positive reinforcement techniques! We should always be standing at the end of our register during slow times. If a PIC is standing at the end, more than likely the cashier will know that they should be standing at the end of the register as well. If the PIC is standing there talking with the other cashiers, we are socializing, not working. Our focus is always CUSTOMER SERVICE. If a cashier isn’t at the end of a register or is talking, discourage the behavior. As a PIC, this is your job. Don’t be afraid to tell anybody what they should be doing, because I am expecting all the PIC’s to take on this role. You guys are the ones in charge; don’t be afraid to say things.
When making decisions on Front End operational issues, you won’t be wrong to put guest needs first. Guest service is always our number one priority. Sending people on breaks are always a challenge, because you don’t want to send them too early or too late. However, sometimes we need to make these decisions based on customer needs, rather than pleasing our fellow employees. Try to ensure that we don’t always put them on the bottom of our list because employees are just as valuable as the guests, but make your decisions based on guest needs rather than making friends. Believe it or not they are fairly understanding in these situations; don’t let them make you feel bad. You are telling them what to do, not asking them. They will do what you say, because you are in charge. We leave you in charge because we think that you guys will make the best decisions regarding these matters. Sending people home is more important than lunches, lunches are more