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Anthem Essay
How does our society treat independent thinkers? Are independent thinkers, daring innovators, and entrepreneurs applauded?
In the twenty­first century here in Massachusetts in the United States creativity is definitely encouraged. Individualism has never been emphasized so much in this culture’s history than it is today. In
Anthem by Ayn Rand
, individualism and creativity is frowned upon.
Being singular in the world of Anthem is actually a crime so serious it may result in a death sentence. In my day and age every one being is pressured to find their own true personality whereas in Anthem independent thinkers are none­existent and people such as Equality are tortured, and in his particular case forced to flee into the Uncharted Forest in solitude.
Some of the most accomplished people in my society are successful because of their ability to have a mind of their own. At age 15 each person is assigned a career and that is what they will do every day of their lives until they are sent to the Home of the Useless, so there really isn’t much use of the words accomplishment and success in Equality’s society. Our culture is by far more advanced intellectually and by technology because of the innovators that have been brought up here. I think it is the pressure to be equal and laws against creativity that keeps this culture lit by candles. Steve jobs is one person praised by our society (the world too) for being the independent thinker he is along with Bill Gates and the many other technological powerhouse inventors. By pressing on…