Frozen Krill Contract Essay examples

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Between the undersigned:

Bradiaga Krills Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 5 Profsouznaya st., Murmansk, Russian Federetion, represented by General Manager Mr. Ivan Ivanov hereinafter referred to as the “Seller”

on the one hand


Bizzard Ltd, a company whose head office is located at 34 King st., Aberdeen, United Kingdom, represented by General Manager Mr. Elton John hereinafter referred to as the Buyer

on the other hand

WHEREAS the Seller is a major finishing company operating in the Antarctic sea;
WHEREAS the Buyer is the main European supplier of sea products to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry;
WHEREAS the Seller wishes to sell frozen krill’s in Europe via a highly
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Each package shall be provided with marking showing type of goods, gross and net weights, date of production, country of Origin in both English.

7. Force Majeure

7.1. Should any force majeure circumstances arise which hinder the fulfillment by either of the parties of their respective obligations under the Contract, neither party is responsible for the non-fulfillment of its liabilities till the force majeure circumstances have been lifted.
Natural disasters, shortage of Krills due to climatic conditions, wars and military operations of any sort, blockades, embargo, prohibition of exports and imports, epidemics and other circumstances beyond the control of the parties are considered as force majeure.

7.2. If the force majeur circumstances prevail for longer than 90 days, either party has the right to cancel the remainder of the contract.
7.3. Each Party shall immediately, but not later than 10 days, inform the other Party about the commencement or termination of force-majeure circumstances and confirm it with the reference drawn up by the Chambers of Commerce of the countries of the Seller or the Buyer respectively.

8. Contract as a whole

8.1. The present contract is made at complete understanding by the parties of a subject of the contract and replaces any other agreement in the given subject made in the oral or written form