Essay on Fruit and Healthy Lifestyle

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E1) Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in working towards a healthy lifestyle and environment for children.
In my placement the practitioners work in encouraging and promoting a healthy lifestyle and environment for children. the practitioners do this by encouraging the children and setting up different activities to make them aware of how to have a healthy lifestyle and environment.
There are many ways the practitioners promote and encourage the children to have a healthy lifestyle and environment. One way the practitioners show the importance of an healthy life and environment to the children is by having circle time this is where the practitioner can read or tell the children what to eat such as the fruit and vegetable a way they can do this is reading the book "Handa's surprise" this book teaches the children about the different and encourages them to try the different fruits and how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables.
Another the practitioners encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and environment is that the practitioners sit with the children when they have their dinner as this way the practitioners can encourage them to try the foods and make them feel comfortable and feel confident to try the foods on their plate. the practitioner also shows the children what different types of fruit and vegetables there are this allows the children to become more familiar with them.
Also another way is by taking the children outside to get fresh air and warm up their muscles this is a way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and environment. This allows the children to run around and work the muscles in their body and the fresh air helps them feel better and awake. These are some of the ways the practitioners work