Essay about Fruit and House

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All of us have some places that we want to return. It does not matter where it is; it could be your garage, inside your closet, or even the restroom, somewhere that gave you a lot of good memories and you would never want to forget it. For myself, the place that I really wish to go back to is my Grandparents’ house. It is where I had the most unforgettable memories, with them, with their house and with my cousins when I was a little child. My grandparents live in a small town. My family used to live there too. It did not take me so long to walk from my house to their house, and I could be there whenever I want. My parents decided to move to a city, and I could only visit them few times a year. It even got worse when we moved out of the country, and it has been more than three years since the last day I visited their house, but I still remember how their house looks like. Their house is really big, it has six bedrooms, two living rooms, but only two restrooms, one in left side of the house and another one in the right. The house is surrounded by a really big garden with many different plants. They live with my uncle, which is their youngest son, his wife and his three children, because it would be too lonely for them living in a big house with only two people. They are too old to live alone by themselves. In their garden, they grow so many different kinds of plants, different kinds of fruit trees and vegetables. I didn’t like eating vegetables when I was a kid; instead I really loved fruits, and that is why I always wanted to come to her house in summer, summer is when the fruit trees start to produce fruits and I did not have to go school so I could stay in her house all day. In front yard, they have a small pond with so many fish in it. I liked to watch the fish, but my grandparents did not want me to play around the pond. They said it is dangerous walking around there. In the backyard, they have some stalls and cages for pigs, chickens, and ducks that they used to raise. I rarely went to the backyard, only when there were newborn cattle that I wanted to see how they looked like. My grandparents like to have pets in their house. They have three dogs and a cat, I really would like to have a pet too, but my parents never let me have one, they thought that I would never take care of it, this made me want to stay at my grandparents’ house more to play with the pets. I love everything at their house. I had so many unforgettable memories at my grandparents’ house. My cousins and I used to have a lot of fun together in there. They showed me so many interesting things that I never knew before. They taught me how to play video games; it was the first time I ever experienced video games. I really liked it and got addicted to it, same with anime and manga, the Japanese cartoon movie and