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Middle Country Elementaries

LUNCH PRICES Reimbursable Lunch Price Reduced Lunch Price Milk/Chocolate Milk 100% Juice 20 Lunches 20 Reduced Lunches $2.00 $.25 $.40 $.55 Did you know Oranges are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Thiamin, Folate and Potassium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C Turkey Hot Dog on WW Bun Hot Dog on a Bun Vegetarian Beans Sweet Potato Puffs Apple Mixed Fruit Chicken Nuggets Red Beans & Rice Corn Cucumber Coins Fresh Orange Slices Diced Pears Cheese Pizza Red Pepper Strips Romaine Salad w/ Tomato Fresh Pear Applesauce



Make Checks Payable to MCCSD Lunch Fund or pay online and go to the Lunch Menu/Accounts Tab LUNCH INCLUDES Protein/ Grain/Vegetable Choices / Fruit Juice, Cupped & Fresh Fruits/Choice of 1% Milk or Fat Free White or Chocolate Milk AVAILABLE DAILY Whole Grain Bagel w/ Cheese Stick, Yogurt, Hard Boiled Egg, Tuna Salad or Egg Salad / Low Fat American Cheese Sandwich / Fresh Garden Salad with Dinner Roll and Cheese Stick, Hard Boiled Egg, Tuna Salad or Egg Salad / Yogurt with 1/2 Low-fat Cheese Sandwich/ Boars Head Beef Bologna Sandwich on Whole Wheat Above Lunches Include: Vegetable choices, Fruit choices, Milk Choice DID YOU KNOW WE OFFER BREAKFAST DAILY Don’t forget to stop by the café for breakfast. Daily choice: Bagels, Muffins, Cereal Includes Your Choice of Milk/100% Juice, Fresh Fruits or Fruit Cups Vegetarian Healthier Choice If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding this menu please contact your food service director at 285-8155 Popcorn Chicken Mexican Style Rice Red Beans Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots Fresh Orange Slices Applesauce Macaroni & Cheese Fresh Green Beans Red Pepper Strips Red Grapes Diced Pears Oven Baked Chicken Garlic Bread Orange Glazed Carrots Caesar Side Salad Red Grapes Mixed Fruit

Happy New Year
French Toast Sticks w/ Sausage Sweet Potato Fries Cucumber Coins Apple Juice Fresh Orange Slices Peach Cup Beef Meatball Dunkers w/ Sauce* Garlic Bread Spinach Salad Zucchini Fresh Orange Slices Applesauce Beef Burger*

Rib ’E ’ Que Sandwich* Sauteed Corn & Black Bean Salsa Oven Baked Fries Fresh Pear Mixed Fruit

Chicken Nuggets Dinner Roll Buttered Corn Roasted