Fruits And Vegetables Taste Better In Europe Than In The US

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Fruits and Vegetables Taste Better In Europe Than In the U.S. Senaida Fierro 1/30.2015 International Business Professor McQueen

Fruits and Vegetables in Europe taste better than in the USA. 1 Abstract

Traveling through Europe I knew I would fall in love with the culture and the historic architectural surroundings, however the best part of Europe was the flavor. Vegetables and fruits in Europe were magical. The brightness of the color and essence of the aroma of each fruit and vegetable made every dish I tasted better than any dish I’ve had in the USA. I asked myself how this can be possible. At home I would never eat a tomato unless it was in salsa, however in Italy the taste of a tomato was spectacular. The color was bright and beautiful, the taste was juicy and delicious especially when fresh herbs were added. After my research on this subject I have realized that the reasoning why fruits and vegetables in Europe were better was because in the USA our fruits and vegetables are picked prematurely, there grown for their looks and not their taste, their shipped long distances and sometimes exposed to temperatures that alter the flavors and textures and most surprisingly an American meal travels approximately 1500 miles from farm to plate. Unlike in Europe where you see open air markets with farm fresh fruit and vegetables on every corner every day. One of the reasons fruits and vegetables taste better in Europe than in the U.S is because Americans have the concept of wanting things right now. If it’s out of season they still want it right now. If the stores run out then we’ll pay more somewhere else to get it. So when vegetables are out of season then farmers have to go to great lengths to provide these fruits and vegetables for them. Even if it means taking away important nutrients out of our fruits and vegetables. There are many reasons why our vegetables and tomatoes don’t taste the same. And why Americans think Heirloom Tomatoes and Atlanta Peaches are spectacular when there grown and handled the way there supposed to be instead of the way there being produced today. Our farmers are not letting produce ripen the way it should be which is losing a lot of nutrients. Our fruits and vegetables are not handpicked which is leading to bruising which also loses a lot of the nutrients. Also, our fruits and vegetables are not being distributed properly at the right temperature. They need to be cool before and during distribution so nutrients and flavor is not loss. Our fruits and vegetables don’t start living once there pulled from the plant they start dying. So they need proper storage to last till they get on our plates. In America we have a lot of farmers markets where we can get fresh fruit and vegetables but the majority would rather have the convenience of a supermarket then the freshness of a farmers market. When I go into a 7-11 I see someone grabbing a coffee and a banana or apple just for convenience. Europeans do a lot of things different from Americans and one major thing is that they take their time. They have patience in life which you can see in their demeanor but also in there food. In every fruit and vegetable in Europe you can taste patience and process because to have deliciousness you have to be patient with the process.

Fruits and Vegetables In Europe Taste Better Than In the U.S 2 The lack of ripening is a major reason that our produce looks and tastes different than produce from Europe. Fruits and vegetables in the U.S. are picked prematurely to ripen in the trucks to prevent rotting…