Frustration: Frustration and Individual Deals Essay

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It’s happened to every individual and its even ruined lives for some. We are cursed with frustration from the day we are able to self breathe. Unfortunately, frustration is out of our reach, it’s something we have no control over. There are times where we know it’s going to happen and there are times where we get hit unexpectedly by it. Surely, you can try your absolute best to get rid of this curse for good but that would be merely impossible. Just know frustration is calmly watching and it will always have the patience to strike whenever it feels its best to. Frustration can occur in different scenarios and even in reoccurring scenarios. One can only imagine how an individual would react to a frustrating scenario. Some common reactions are screaming, blaming, rushing, anger, telling lies, criticizing and analyzing the situation. Of course this all depends on how an individual deals with such a matter because no individual is the same. People try and do all sorts of various things in order to cope with frustration. Some of these things include listening to music, sleeping, jogging or walking, talking to a good friend and reflecting back on the situation. One really good way to handle frustration is to simply accept the concept of not over expecting things. For example, Bobby knows he didn't do well on his physics exam and he is not expecting a good grade. A bunch of his friends are bragging how they found the exam to be easy. When the results came in, Bobby was in more joy than ever because he scored a lot higher than his buddies. His buddies