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Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills, in your specialist area.

The Foundation Learning (FL) programme is delivered to 16-18 year olds from the NEET (not in education employment and training) group. Many of the young people who come onto our programmes will not have gained many qualifications whilst at school and in many case have no qualifications at all. Many of them aspire to go to college or do an apprenticeship for which they need at least a level 1 grade in their Functional Skills (FS). This is a common barrier many of our learners face. FL does have dedicated FS within the timetable that our learners attend but we look to embed FS within the NOCN sessions to link all aspects of the programme. This helps to ensure that learning becomes contextualised and that FS are not stand alone units that still create a barrier to learning.

During the completion of the NOCN unit Prep for Work learners work on CV’s, covering letters, application forms this work is continued and followed up during the FS session. Also completion of handouts and quizzes during sessions, completion of written statements for some units such as customer service, citizenship all help to allow the tutor to work with and support a learners literacy.

Whilst completing the Prep for Work unit learners have to look at the cost of travel to an interview and also the cost of purchasing interview clothes. They also have to calculate the amount they will earn and