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What is forensic science?
Forensic science or forensics is the use of science in the field of criminal justice.
What three tasks or responsibilities does a forensic scientist have?
A forensic scientist has the responsibilities of helping solve crimes by collecting and analyzing data, providing expert witnesses, and by training law enforcement officers how to properly collect data.
What criteria might be used to establish someone as an expert witness?
To establish an individual as an expert witness the courts must take into account the individual’s education level, the total years of experience, and if a person has authored or published any professional works.
What are two of the ways that a forensic pathologist might use to help determine the time of death?
A forensic pathologist could determine time of death by studying the body to see what stage of death the body is in. Three main examinations are liver mortis, rigor mortis, and algor mortis.
What does a forensic anthropologist do?
A forensic anthropologist examines and identifies skeletal remains.

They can determine when a body died, cause of death, and features pertaining to race, age, gender, and where the body is from.

Why do you think it is so important to use proper methods when collecting evidence from a crime scene?
It is important to use proper methods when collecting evidence because the evidence can be dismissed if not handled properly or important information pertaining to the crime can be lost.
Why do you think forensic science has been increasingly used by the criminal justice system?
Forensic science is being increasingly used because even little details of a crime scene can be used to help solve parts of the mysteries.
Which of the forensic…