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Fallon Brown
Review Questions
1. What is forensic science? -The application of science to the criminal justice system.
2. What three tasks or responsibilities does a forensic scientist have? -Collecting and analyzing evidence, may also be called to give an expert testimony, or train someone else.
3. What criteria might be used to establish someone as an expert witness? -Education degrees, number of years of experience in field which they are testifying, professional organizations person is a member of, and publications person has authored.
4. What are two of the ways that a forensic pathologist might use to help determine the time of death? -Algor Mortis and Rigor Mortis
5. What does a forensic anthropologist do? They identify and examine skeletal remains, and are major helps in victims of fires, explosions, plane crashes, or anything that would cause a body to be burned and mutilated.
Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why do you think it is so important to use proper methods when collecting evidence from a crime scene? -It is important because without proper methods you could end up with cross contamination of evidence, also you could mix up files and bring the wrong file to court.
2. Why do you think forensic science has been increasingly used by the criminal justice system? -Because even though it’s not 100% right all the time it is very helpful and more precise than the typical methods of catching the suspects.