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My Life Experience

I am currently student at English Language Center in Fredericksburg Virginia, so I am super exited to continue my higher education in U.S. I have been in U.S. since November 2010 not only for study English Language, but also to work with FX Solution trading company. I used to work with that company as online broker since March 2009. When I want describe my self as an employee the education comes up. well, after high school grduated i studyed computer siceince for Microsoft professional 2000 for one year. By the time, I fund a job at King Abdelaziz Medical City in King Fahd Hospital. During I had been worked in that organization I studied the Trading Currency Exchange course so, I got hire from SAC society as a couch position for a part time in June 2004. Even though, if I have a great job or not I have to continue my higher education in U.S. in Business Administrator because I have that aim.

In fact, the U.S. the large country around the world so, it has thousands of university available not only for American students, but also for International students. as a result, U.S. was the prestige for the International students in order to continue their higher education because the Universities in U.S. have the high rank around the world. Moreover, My under graduate could be in three years because the university which I interested in evaluated my diploma then gave me forty-five credit hours. So that, my Bachelor Degree could be seventy-five hours