Fugitive Slave Act Essay

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[Restate the question. State your topic sentence.] Without Compromising, we prolong issues further into time and halt our progress to solve other issues. Compromising not only help to satisfy both sides but also increase our willingness to sacrifice for the better.
The Connecticut compromise, also known as the Great Compromise, was a compromise that created our congress and set a precedent to how a compromise should be set. The issue was raised when the larger and smaller states debated over equal representation. The larger states, which favored the Virginia Plan, wanted representation which depended on population. The smaller states, favoring the New Jersey plan, wanted equal representation in congress regardless of population. After a long debate, every state was given equal representation in one house of Congress, and proportional representation, in the other. In the Senate, every state would have two seats. In the House of Representatives, the number of seats would depend on population. This compromise later became successful when it satisfied many tax legislations and military operations.
Another compromise that went successfully without causing too much trouble was the
Three­Fifths Compromise. The debate was how much slaves could be counted as population to get more number of seats in the House of Representatives. This was crucial to many states for more votes from the south states can largely favor one side over the other. To determining what percentage of the nation's direct tax burden the state would have to bear to which states the House can admit could have been decided on the extra votes the slave states get. A quick compromise which was finally agreed upon reduced the representation of the slave states to
⅗ of slaves. An inducement for slave states to accept the Compromise was its tie to…