Fukuyama: Homosexuality and People Essay

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Chapter One:
I really liked the first chapter because it sets the scene for the whole book. The book Brave New World sounds more realistic to me because it is all about the de-humanizing of all people. I think that as our society becomes more reliant on technology to have all of our everyday needs met, that we will honesty become superficially happy like the book envisions. The downside of this book is that people are said to forget about religion and I do not agree; even though we will be content I think that some people will still miss religion and I do not think that it will ever be taken from us, no matter how happy we really are. Fukuyama says that biotechnology will be so powerful in our future lives that our national and international authorities will be the only people to decide what "good" and "bad" will essentially be. I do not agree with this. The more we allow our government to control the more the rest of the population wants to rebel. We need to have choices, even in the future. Fukuyama along with many others, believe that we are in the most technological advanced time that we have ever seen, this comes as a big shock to me. Although we have already came so far in the way we live everyday lives, it still comes as a shock to me that we will never stop. Once we find a new way to live, we find ANOTHER new way to live.

Chapter Two:
Fukuyama believes that intelligence is mostly learned from the environment and slightly comes from genetics. I do not agree with this. I believe that your learning abilities comes mostly from genetics, what you learn from the world around you plays a huge impact on the way you live life; but I think that mostly intelligence comes from simply just the way you were created to be. Just like not everyone is good at math, and not everyone is good at English; I think we were all passed down genes to fit ourselves perfectly. We aren't meant to learn everything from what we see in our everyday lives. One day our sexual orientation will become so plastic that everyone will be "gay" in their own way, mostly stemming from people…