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Architectural Technology
Since a young age I’ve always had a great interest in Art and Design and this interest and commitment was demonstrated in my GCSE A* grades in both Art and Graphics. Even before I finished studying at school I knew that my ideal career would be in graphics.
On the basis of the knowledge I gained through my current studies, I have made an informed decision on the course I wish to apply, this being Architectural Technology. This course would provide me with a great insight into the technical side of Architecture and also equip me with the professional, practical and business skills that an Architectural Technologist will require.
I have carefully researched all routes and courses that would lead to my ideal job and I concluded that your university offers the course content, facilities and qualifications that would suit my needs and aspirations.
My long term aim is to pursue a career in Architectural Technology and the first step I had to take to achieve this was to complete a course at a local college. I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the course, where I learned from great lecturers and acquired skills which I would like to hone even further.
This course has given me a greater knowledge about all aspects of the construction industry, including topics such as graphical detailing. This was the subject I had the greatest interest in. On this course we have covered a wide variety of topics including surveying, property valuation and the stages of the design process, all of which I will need to have an understanding of when attending university. Studying these at college has been a huge advantage as it made my career path much easier to choose.
I currently manage a full time college course and a part time job. This has developed my communication skills as I deal with customers on a day to day basis including speaking, listening and providing excellent customer service at all times. This will help me in my career in Architectural Technology, as it will require me to have good communication skills to work effectively with