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Abnormal Psychology-Nevid-Chapter 2
The Medical Model represents a ______Biological___ perspective on abnormal behavior.p. 37
Phenomenological c. biological -- “ some one who is sick”
Behavioral d. cognitiveOur understanding of the biological underpinnings of abnormal behavior has ___grown___ in recent years. P. 37 been eliminated c. remained unchanged declined d. grown - - -
The nervous system is made up of cells called __________neurons________. P.37 somas c. axons neurons --- d. synapses
The part of the neuron that receives messages from other neurons is called the ____Dendrite_______. nucleus c. dendrite axon d. soma
Neurons transmit messages to other neurons by means of chemical substances known as _neurotransmitters___. P.38 precursors c. neurotransmitters hormones d. peptides
The junction between a transmitting neuron and a receiving neuron is called the ____synapse___. P.38
Sheath c. hillockSynapse d. knob
Each kind of neurotransmitter ______is uniqute and will fit into only one type of site_. P.38 is unique and will fit into only one type of receptor site. will git into several types, but not most types of receptor sites. will fit into most, but not all types of receptor sites. will fit into every type of receptor site.
Anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, and eating disorders have been linked to imbalances of ____serotonin___.p.39acetylcholine c. serotonin dopamine d. epinepharineAlzheimer’s disease has been associated with deficiencies of _____acetylcholine_____.p.39acetylcholine c. norepinephrinedopamine d. serotonin
Schizophrenia has been linked to overutilization of ______dopamine_____. P. 39 acetylcholine c. norepinephrinedopamine d. serotonin
The medulla, pons, and cerebellum are all parts of the ____hindbrain_______. P.40-41 forebrain c. midbrain prebrain d. hindbrain
Depressant drugs, such as alcohol, lower activity in the Reticular activating system_________.p. 40-41
Reticular activating system c. cochlea
Amygdala d. optic chiasm
The part of the brain involved with states of arousal is _____reticular activating system______.p.41Cerebellum c. reticular activating system
Hippocampus d. basal ganglia
The field of epigenetics focuses on how ________environmental factors influence genetic expression______.p.45environmental factors influence genetic expression. genetic factors influence unconscious motives. ---- learning theories affect environmental factors humanistic theories determine DNA.
Using their new genetic knowledge, scientists aspire to successfully treat mental disorders by ___ blocking the effects of harmful or defective genes _. P 43 blocking the effects of harmful or defective genes. developing patches to deliver medication. cloning newborns finding combatible tissue donors.
The debate of heredity versus environment is also known as ____ nature vs. nurture ___. P.43 genes vs. means c. body vs. soul mendel vs. Darwin d. nature vs. nurture
According to the principles of epigenetics, early life experiences, such as stress, diet, sexual or physical abuse, and exposure to toxic chemicals, may determine whether certain genes become switched on or remain dormant later in life. ___. P.45 whether new neurons develop in the brain whether certain genes become switched on or remain dormant later in life. -- if repressed issues manifest