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Arizona was first explored by the Spanish. The period took place between 1528-1821. In 1539 father Marcos de Niza explore Arizona and claimed it Spain. In 1752 the first permanent Spanish settlement was established in Tubac, after many revolts from the Pima and Papago tribes. In 1776 a Spanish fort is built at Tucson. In 1785-1829 Spanish troops campaign against the apache and eventually worked out peace. Mining, ranching and missions prosper in Arizona. Between1810 - 1821 the Mexican Revolution began.

You should move to the Grand Canyon State because Arizona can take you through zigzag scenic roads to watch native wildlife or to a relaxing luxury golf and spa getaway. You might enjoy hiking or mountain biking, downhill skiing or viewing the desert sky; there is an outdoor recreation activity for everyone! Come to the Grand Canyon State and experience the unique culture that awaits you in Arizona. Arizona has dry climates with little rainfall. Arizona has great schools, excellent Teachers; successful students who enjoy helping each other succeed. Employment services are available for job seekers. The Employment service focuses on providing a variety of employment.

By: Sean McKenzie
Arizona Natural Resource: Fish from the lakes and river and plants and animal from the dessert.
Arizona Nickname: The Grand Canyon State.
Motto: God enriches.
Flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom
Song: Arizona.
Tree: Yellow Palo Verde
a. Copper b. Cattle c. Cotton d. Citrus

Geronimo was born in Clifton Arizona on June 16, 1829. Geronimo was from the Bedonkohe Apache tribe in Cannon Arizona. When he was seventeen, he was admitted to the